Siemon Launches MapIT Infrastructure Management Software

Software provides robust new network infrastructure management capabilities and features

WATERTOWN, Conn., Oct. 25 -- Siemon is proud to announce the launch of MapIT IM (Infrastructure Manager) software. Combined with Siemon's MapIT enabled copper and fiber-optic network cabling systems, the new MapIT IM software provides robust new network infrastructure management capabilities and features.

Launched in 2005, Siemon's end-to-end MapIT solution was designed to help IT professionals manage their networks, improve documentation, enhance security, improve productivity and reduce downtime. The solution utilizes a powerful combination of software and specially designed connecting hardware to track any changes made to the physical layer and provides location information for any IP enabled device connected to the network.

To help simplify the setup and administration of the MapIT system, a new version of the software was developed, streamlining its capabilities to provide the most critical management features in an enhanced user interface.

Siemon MapIT IM software continues to offer the ability to monitor and record mission-critical connections in data centers and wiring closets in real time, 24/7; detect unauthorized moves, adds and changes; detect unauthorized devices and provide alerts when such actions occur.

The new software also enhances MapIT's unique ability to offer complete and flexible control of IT infrastructure records, network documentation and auditable event logs. MapIT IM software features 60 easy to use reports that can provide useful information on the network resource availability or potential security threats. Plus, its advanced work-order module tracks changes as they are made and ensuring that the infrastructure documentation is updated automatically once the work order is signed-off.

In addition to the streamlined interface and capabilities, the price of the MapIT IM software has been significantly reduced versus earlier versions. "With a software price reduction of approximately 60 percent, MapIT IM brings an intelligent infrastructure management system within the price range of many more customers," says Frank Velleca, Siemon market manager, "Plus, the focused feature set and usability improvements significantly simplify the implementation of a MapIT system."

By offering the MapIT IM software, Siemon provides the advantage of a single source for the complete infrastructure management system. Beyond simplifying the purchasing process, Siemon has developed a network of MapIT Certified Installers who can provide a turnkey solution for our customers. The same comprehensive MapIT hardware and software training program for qualified Siemon Certified Installers is available to end-users who wish to maximize MapIT functionality.

The software includes 1 year of support, which covers updates to the software and database libraries. Additional support periods may be purchased for a small fee.

Siemon will also offer a full-featured version of the software for customers who require extensive customization and integration with other software applications.

To learn more about MapIT IM software, download the specification sheet att

To learn about the entire end-to-end MapIT system or arrange a demonstration, please visit:

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