Updated QuickBase Puts More Power at the Fingertips of Corporate Workgroups

New version makes reports faster and easier; includes iCalendar, vCard integration, and a library of over 200 applications

WALTHAM, Mass., October 25, 2006 -- QuickBase, a division of Intuit Inc, today announced its newest release, including features that make it easier and faster for users to create and change reports through the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology, or AJAX. The Fall 2006 version of QuickBase also includes more than 200 ready-made applications to help corporate workgroups better manage their business workflows.

Adopted by almost half of the Fortune 100, QuickBase is a Web-based service that delivers business management applications, including customer relationship management, project management, information technology management, and more for corporate workgroups.

"Corporate workgroups are caught in an 'app gap' between individual desktop productivity tools and enterprise software's heavy iron," said Victor Cho, Intuit vice president of Web marketing and commerce. "This update continues to close that gap and give workgroups flexible solutions to support their critical workflows."

Customers have found that QuickBase applications fit easily into their workflow by putting the power of configuration into the hands of the people who know the workflow best -- the business users. The latest release delivers on QuickBase's promise: "Working together made easy."

"Exceptional customer service is crucial in the close-knit hospital market that we serve," said Spence Lloyd, chief financial officer at ForHealth Technologies, Inc. in Daytona Beach, Fla. "Each QuickBase update has given us more capabilities to deliver great service. The QuickBase team listens to its customers and responds with high quality features that just work."

New Features

The new QuickBase features include:

  • Dynamic Reports: Flexible, dynamic reporting is key to turning information into action. QuickBase's dynamic reporting, using AJAX technology, lets users quickly change reports with point-and-click ease, using English, not an indecipherable programming language. For example, users can re-sort, re-group, hide, move, or add columns by simply clicking on a column header, and without refreshing the Web page. Calendar, charting and timeline reports have also been enhanced.

  • iCalendar and vCard Support: Getting critical calendar and contact information from enterprise applications into the individual user's productivity applications has always been a challenge. QuickBase solves the challenge of bringing this information into a workgroup member's e-mail, calendar or contact management software by adding iCalendar and vCard support. Most e-mail, calendar and contact management applications, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, support the iCalendar and vCard standards.

  • User-contributed Application Library: Over the years, QuickBase has increased the number of ready-made applications from five to 60. The new release includes a user-contributed library of more than 200 ready-made applications. These applications have been designed and contributed by a range of QuickBase users across more than 20 industries and functions. These applications are available for immediate use without additional charges to those with an appropriate QuickBase subscription, or active trial account.

  • Corporate Edition Updates: Last fall, QuickBase introduced QuickBase for Corporations; it includes private branding, directory authentication, user administration, and security features. The new release takes this further, with features that let IT, security, and compliance teams quickly and flexibly track user access, application usage, compliance documentation, and more.

The examples above are only highlights of the new features supported in QuickBase. A more complete list of updates can be found on the QuickBase Fall 2006: What's New page, http://www.quickbase.com/p/2006_fall_update.asp

Pricing and Availability

QuickBase monthly subscription fees start at $249, and include access and data space for 10 users. Licenses for more users and data storage are available for additional fees. More details on pricing are available at the QuickBase Web site, http://www.quickbase.com

Existing QuickBase users can try the new features by logging on to QuickBase. New users can use the fully functional service through Intuit's free 30-day trial, after registering. There is no hardware to set up or software to install. Users simply need a Web connection and a recent Web browser.

About QuickBase

QuickBase -- a hosted, Web-based solution -- uniquely combines database, groupware, and business-management capabilities in a single solution. Unlike software that requires users to modify their information and communications to fit a rigid process, QuickBase offers users the flexibility to work the way their business works: collecting information needed, when needed, and providing the features to ensure action is taken.

About Intuit Inc.

Intuit Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses, corporate workgroups, consumers and accounting professionals. Its flagship products and services include QuickBooks®, Quicken®, and TurboTax® software.

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