Digi-Data Announces the T-3000 Controller

4 Gb fibre channel RAID disk system includes built-in management software

COLUMBIA, MD, Oct. 30, 2006 -- Digi-Data Corporation, a leading manufacturer of clustered RAID controllers for utility storage, data protection, and archive markets, today announces the T-3000 Controller, a 4 Gb fibre channel RAID disk system. Designed to provide enterprise level performance at midrange pricing, the T-3000 provides a suite of easy-to-use integrated software utilities. The T-3000 simplifies storage for a range of applications, from enterprise database to video editing.

“The T-3000 reduces both complexity and cost of integrating multiple packaging, while maintaining Digi-Data’s standards for high-quality, scalable storage solutions,” says Dennis Cindrich, president of Digi-Data. “Virtualizaton makes storage and access a more efficient process. With its easy-to-use GUI and expandable capacity, the T-3000 makes virtualization work.”

The T-3000 family offers fibre channel or SATA disk drives, and can be configured with 4 Gb fibre channel, iSCSI or a mix of both to address storage and disaster recovery configurations. It is a versatile building block that spans from entry level storage networking to high performance access to hundreds of terabytes of storage.

The T-3000 offers up to 1.6 GB/s host and disk bandwidth and RAID6 dedicated parity engines. The T-3000 package comes with one or two controllers, full 4 Gb fibre (host side and disk side) and up to 240 drives, using expansion chassis (T-3000exp).

T-3000 Family

For companies that may require less storage capacity, but still have the need for a solid set of storage management software utilities, the T-3000 family includes two additional choices that provide up to 11.25 TB (raw) capacity with 750 GB SATA drives:

  • T-3000L -- the “lite” version offers a 2 Gb fibre channel interface

  • -3000i -- an iSCSI interface into this versatile storage system Pricing and Availability

The T-3000 is now available. An 11.25 TB system is priced at under $20,000. For more information please visit http://www.digidata.com/t3000.html.


Digi-Data Corporation manufactures high-performance storage systems and controllers with over 55,000 systems installed worldwide. The company offers innovative solutions with products like the T-3000 Controller and bigVAULT online digital storage. For more information, visit http://www.digidata.com.

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