Updated DMEXpress Shoulders Burden of Processing Huge Volumes of Enterprise Data

Meets the data management and performance challenges in areas such as data warehousing, changed data capture (delta processing), Web log processing, and more

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, November 7, 2006 -- The latest version of DMExpress from Syncsort Incorporated offers a host of new features to help businesses bogged down by exponentially growing volumes of data.

Built on more than 35 years of research and development, DMExpress is the high-performance solution that speeds data-intensive applications. DMExpress meets the data management and performance challenges companies face in areas such as data warehousing, changed data capture (delta processing), web log processing, data mining, business intelligence, and customer relationship management.

“Companies experiencing vast data growth are realizing a need for faster processing,” says Dan Regan, Syncsort’s Senior Vice President. “With DMExpress 3.0, we’ve made significant enhancements that, for our customers, translate into faster applications, minimized elapsed time, and the ability to use real-time data.”

Users of DMExpress 3.0 can expect several enhancements that provide a competitive edge in today’s real-time business world. The high-performance join feature significantly improves the efficiency of preprocessing, retrieval, and updating of large volumes of data. The addition of high-performance aggregation simplifies the creation, administration, and execution of aggregation jobs. These improvements yield faster processing of larger amounts of data, which in turn gives users the facility to evaluate mission-critical information in a timelier manner.

Once again proving it is a leader in cutting-edge solutions, DMExpress 3.0 offers support for data sources such as Teradata and XML. In addition, while DMExpress has long provided 64-bit support for UNIX systems, DMExpress 3.0 extends 64-bit support to Windows. “The value of these improvements are increasingly evident as users search for a scalable solution to handle data volumes that have begun to grow from gigabytes to terabytes, and ultimately to petabytes,” says Regan.

DMExpress 3.0 has also been made global-ready. It can easily handle data from any language with multibyte text and Unicode support.

Advances also have been made in DMExpress’ already easy-to-use GUI. Record mapping and data sampling enable users to automatically build record layouts and preview source and target data. Jobs within jobs and direct flow editing provide more versatility in defining more robust applications, and any function can be created using the comprehensive expression builder.

“With the release of DMExpress 3.0, Syncsort continues its almost 40-year tradition of providing high-performance software,” says Regan. “And, as technology advances and needs change, we will continue to stay ahead of the curve.”

About DMExpress DMExpress is the high-speed data management solution for ETL, data warehousing, BI, and other mission-critical applications. Applications run faster with DMExpress. This can save many hours, even days, especially when processing large amounts of data. For UNIX, Windows, and Linux, DMExpress integrates disparate data from multiple, heterogeneous sources. It transforms and aggregates the data at high speed to create consolidated views for reporting, analysis, or other downstream applications.

About Syncsort Syncsort Incorporated is a leading developer of high-performance data management and data warehousing software for mainframe, UNIX, Linux and Windows environments. For more than 35 years, Syncsort has built a reputation for superior product performance and reliable technical support. An independent market research firm has named Syncsort as one of the top Data Warehouse Vendors for seven years in a row. Over 90 percent of the Fortune 100 companies are Syncsort customers, and Syncsort's products are used in more than 50 countries to back up and protect data in distributed environments, speed data warehouse processing, and improve performance of data-intensive applications and processes. For more information, visit the Syncsort website at http://www.syncsort.com.


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