Borland Unveils Newest Versions of Starteam and Caliberrm

Usability enhancements and extended integrations bring enterprise-class scm and requirements definition and management to heterogeneous environments

Cupertino, Calif., November 13, 2006 -- Borland Software Corporation today announced the newest versions of Borland StarTeam® and Borland CaliberRM to help customers support, automate, and improve their software change management and requirements definition and management processes. The new product versions include a number of enhancements designed to improve usability, extend support for a wide range of platforms and development tools, and improve traceability from business needs to development assets throughout the application lifecycle.

StarTeam, Borland's software change and configuration management offering, and CaliberRM, Borland's enterprise requirements management offering, are core product components within the company's Change Management and Requirements Definition and Management solutions. When combined with Borland's process best practices, StarTeam and CaliberRM can help to automate and coordinate the requirements, resources, activities and digital assets that continuously change in the software delivery process.

The new features within StarTeam and CaliberRM are designed so customers can more effectively view, share, understand, and act upon the volumes of requirements and change-related information involved in enterprise application delivery. StarTeam acts as a single source of truth for managing change throughout the application lifecycle by providing a repository for managing development assets, activities and the links between them. CaliberRM is designed to facilitate collaboration, impact analysis, and communication in the specification and management of changing requirements.

"Having a single central repository for consolidating and managing application lifecycle assets and activities is a first step for end-to-end change management solutions," said Melinda Ballou, program director, application life-cycle management software, IDC. "By integrating core ALM functions such as requirements management and software configuration management users can begin to achieve a coherent, cohesive approach to the application lifecycle to help yield a more responsive, business-focused IT organization."

New functionality in the most recent versions of StarTeam and CaliberRM include:

  • Seamless integration of IDE clients into a single "work" environment: In StarTeam 2006, Borland has enhanced integrations with the leading IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio, Delphi®, and JBuilder®) in an effort to provide a single experience for all users, regardless of their development tool choice. CaliberRM 2006 supports similar integration extensions, providing a consistent view of requirements for users working in different environments. These integrations allow developers to view detailed requirements in CaliberRM, as well as manage development tasks and digital assets in the StarTeam repository from within their daily work environment.

  • Better change management through Compare/Merge enhancements: StarTeam 2006 now includes advanced visual compare/merge functionality that enables team members to view and coordinate work done on different branches of development. It provides the capability for users to compare intersecting files and folders, an essential ability for large and/or distributed teams. These enhancements allow users to perform comparison and merges in a "staging" environment, where the changed application can be built and tested before committing the changes in a single action. This supports the growing use of branch-based development by allowing merges to be done in an intuitive fashion, which reduces the learning curve and the time to productivity for team members.

  • Requirements filtering to cut through volumes of change information: CaliberRM includes several improvements to its requirements traceability features to help customers view, analyze and understand the impact of changes in order to make more intelligent decisions faster. CaliberRM's traceability matrix enables users to use a wide variety of criteria (including priority, status, user-defined attributes, owner, creation, and modification dates) to determine the impact analysis scope.

  • Platform extensions: StarTeam 2006 has added server support for Linux and renewed support for Solaris. Borland has long supported customers using almost any client platform, bringing world-class ALM products to customers with heterogeneous environments (Windows®, Solaris, Linux).


StarTeam 2006 and CaliberRM 2006 are expected to be generally available next month. For more information on StarTeam, visit and for more information on CaliberRM, visit

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