Fujitsu Multi-User KVM Switch Provides Simultaneous, Multi-Platform Server Access via Cat5 Cabling

Includes built-in 300m extended access capability

Sunnyvale, CA, November 13, 2006 -- Fujitsu Components America, Inc. today added an all-Cat5, multi-user KVM switch to its SERVIS™ system product line for enterprise server rooms, data centers, and broadcast facilities. The new KVM switch reduces equipment costs and provides space efficient, centralized server management by allowing multiple users independent or simultaneous shared access to any attached computer’s keyboard, video, and mouse, regardless of platform.

The FS-8000 KVM switch series consists of a KVM Main Unit, a User Console Unit, and a Server Unit (4 versions, subject to the server connection). It allows up to eight remote users (including one local user) to access up to 32 servers over Cat5 UTP cabling between the Main Unit and the User Console Unit. It is expandable up to 512 servers by cascading Fujitsu’s 16-port multi-KVM switches.

The FS-8000 series features end-to-end Cat5 UTP connections to reduce cabling needs and costs while simplifying installation and user configuration. Remote users can access servers up to 300m away while maintaining support for XGA and SXGA monitors, and from 200m away for UXGA video monitors.

The series supports PS/2, USB, SUN MD8, and SUN USB server interfaces at the user console unit, as well as keyboard hot-key switching and on-screen display. The 1U main unit measures 437(W) x 230(D) x 42(H)mm and is RoHS compliant.

To ensure secure server access, the FS-8000 series features user-name and password authentication. For increased protection, the product features password-verified user access for each server controlled.

The SERVISTM FS-8000 Series Multi User KVM is available immediately. A Main Unit (P/N: NC14011-B181/U R) has a suggested resale price of $5,800.00; a User Console Unit (P/N: NC14011-B110/U R) is $1,100.00 for each user; and Server Units (P/Ns: NC14011-B101 R, -B102 R, -B103 R, -B104 R) are priced according to quantity purchased at $160.00 for each interface. Discounts are available for OEM quantity purchases.

In addition to the new FS-8000 series Multi-User KVM switch, Fujitsu’s SERVIS system product line includes analog, serial, and IP KVM switches, console drawers, and Cat5 extenders for flexible network connectivity solutions.

Company Information

Fujitsu Components America Inc. markets and distributes electronic components; products include relays, connectors, keyboards, touch panels, pointing, and input devices, KVM switches, and thermal printer mechanisms. For product information, contact FCAI via telephone at 1-800-380-0059, e-mail, or visit

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