New IntelliChief Release 1.1 Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Includes new integration engine, enhanced search

Tampa, FL, November 16, 2006 -- Quadrant Software has announced version 1.1 of its document management and imaging solution, IntelliChief, will be released today.

New IntelliChief enhancements and features deliver a state-of-the-art solution with a revolutionary architecture. The list includes:

  • New Integration Engine: This new feature serves as a middleware to simplify and enhance integration capabilities with legacy applications and ERP systems. It allows for a single point of entry for integration specifications for all IntelliChief modules (fax, e-mail, imaging, workflow, electronic forms).

  • Enhancements to the Document Processing Profile (DPP): Enhancements make it more powerful by adding "document groups" to its options so users can have all documents related to a single process with their scanning, indexing, and archiving settings pre-defined. For example, users can define a group for the Purchasing process comprised of Requisition, PO, Receiving Sheet, Invoice and Check. All documents within the group will follow the rules set by the DPP thus allowing for easier access to the documents, better life-cycle management of the documents, minimizing user intervention and increasing productivity.

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities with Track-Back Function: New improvements in the search feature allow users to search for a document and 'track back' to other related documents. For example, after searching and finding an Invoice, the user can then locate the related Purchase Order for that invoice and other related documents with only one click. This can be done through any browser window or directly via the user’s own ERP application screen.

  • New “Document Packet” Feature: Allows for grouping captured documents into one "packet", functioning much like a virtual staple. Documents in the same packet are presented together after a search or a drill down, thus giving the user complete access to the related documents.

Enhancements in the Workflow Engine to Improve Audit Trail/History Tracking: Allows for complete history of the “stages” of a particular document over time, including when the document was routed for approval, when it was e-mailed/faxed, archived, etc. Companies, which are required to provide detailed documentation and proof-of-access to Sarbanes-Oxley and other government and industry regulations, can now use this feature in their compliance efforts.

The new release points to the company’s goal of reducing the total cost of ownership for its software.

“Most vendors forget that in order to be successful, the solution implemented needs to be able to reduce the overall maintenance burden,” says Gary Langton, CEO and co-founder.

“With an increasing number of disparate applications being used by companies of all sizes, integration becomes a nightmare. A document management solution that does not take this into account is set for failure. We understand this problem and are working to solve it by making the interface between our products and the existing enterprise applications the easiest it could be. One point of integration means one place to work from when something needs to be changed. And that means less time and money needs to be spent,” Langton adds.

IntellliChief is Quadrant Software’s paperless process management solution that integrates seamlessly with FastFax and Formtastic.

Individual components of the IntelliChief suite are priced from $4,995 (USD) with fully configured systems expected to average $50,000 per installation including software, scanning hardware as well as professional services for installation, implementation, and training.

For more information about IntelliChief, visit or call 508-594-2700.

About Quadrant Software

Quadrant Software, an IBM Business Partner, has over a decade of experience providing paperless process management (PPM) solutions. Started as a pioneer in fax server technology, today Quadrant Software provides enterprise-class PPM applications to Global 2000 companies world-wide, and in a variety of industries. For more information, visit

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