Surety Launches AbsoluteProof-ISOX9, Offering Higher Level of Information Assurance to the Financial Services Industry

AbsoluteProof-ISOX9 is the only trusted timestamp service to receive both ANSI and ISO accreditation; significantly reduces insider risk and enables proof of ethical conduct

HERNDON, Virginia, November 20, 2006 -- Surety, LLC today announced the commercial availability AbsoluteProof-ISOX9, the only trusted timestamp service conformant with both the American National Standard X9.95-2005 Trusted Time Stamp Management and Security Standard (ANSI X9.95) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 18014-3. Surety was a key contributor in the development of both of these highly recognized standards.

ANSI X9.95 is the first American National Standard for data-level controls and specifies the minimum security requirements for the effective use of time stamps in a financial services environment. “As financial institutions increasingly conduct more business electronically, it is correspondingly becoming more important to ensure that there is a secure, standardized methodology to prove what and when digital data was created, transmitted, received, modified or stored,” states The Accredited Standards Committee X9.

“We made compliance to ANSI and ISO, the two most trusted standard bodies, a corporate priority in order to advance the goal of the industry for trusted time stamps to replace mechanical, manual or system-generated time stamps and provide a tool that can be used with secure transactions and offer an evidentiary trail of authenticity,” said Jim O’Connor, VP of Engineering at Surety. “ANSI X9.95 is a superset of RFC 3161 and compatible with ISO 18014-3, therefore customers of our AbsoluteProof-ISOX9 are assured broad international compliance and compatibility.”

A marquee list of financial services companies, Tier-1 technology companies and governmental entities support the ANSI X9.95 timestamp methodology, including: American Bankers Association, American Express, Capital One, Citigroup, Hewlett Packard, J.P. Morgan Chase, Wachovia Bank, and Xerox.

“Data security and integrity is a bottom line issue,” said Tom Klaff, CEO of Surety. “It is the fiduciary responsibility of corporate management to stand behind and prove that their electronic records accurately reflect the course of business they are on and that they are honest and ethical custodians of sensitive information; broad and transparent integration of data-level controls such as Surety’s trusted timestamps will detect and deter data manipulation -- either by outsiders or (more likely) by trusted members of the organization.”

Surety’s flagship product, AbsoluteProof, has a strong presence in R&D-driven organizations, and is considered a vital component in corporate IP protection strategies. AbsoluteProof-ISOX9 will allow the financial services industry the same luxuries by enable them to legally attest to the time and content integrity of their electronic documentation indefinitely.

Surety’s AbsoluteProof-ISOX9 is the only time-stamping method on the market that offers long-lasting protection, provides objective proof of record integrity independent of a company’s people, processes and systems, and is accredited by a domestic and an international standards body.

About Surety, LLC

Surety is a leading, trusted time-stamp authority. The company’s flagship product, AbsoluteProof, provides a security procedure that objectively demonstrate the time and content integrity of electronic records, and places their client organizations in the strongest possible position if and when the legal credibility of that data is challenged by an opposing party. For more information, visit

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