Axios Systems’ Assyst 7.5 Improves IT Service Management

Assyst 7.5 helps organizations manage the impact of major IT projects such as SOA and Microsoft Windows Vista

December 4 2006 -- Axios Systems today announced assyst 7.5, a significant new version of the award-winning ITSM solution. Major enhancements in assyst 7.5 include the enhancement of the Change Management functionality such as conflict detection and resolution, which makes IT organizations aware of where they have conflicting Changes on their infrastructure and enables them to resolve them to minimize business impact. Other key enhancements include those to the event and action management in the assyst Web client, improving accessibility to users.

In this release, Axios introduces new functionality and updated existing tools based on feedback from customers. Assyst 7.5 change-management functionality provides customers with tighter control of the change process, protecting the IT infrastructure from instability and operational failure, as well as providing greater awareness of planned changes across the IT environment for easier management. Highlighting the importance of change management on the IT infrastructure and service levels to end users is the imminent release and deployment of Microsoft Windows Vista across the world.

Tasos Symeonides, CEO, Axios Systems said: “The release of assyst 7.5 helps our customers manage one of the biggest challenges they face today -- change management. As organizations plan their investments and IT projects, the deployment of best practice and standards in ITSM should be a priority to support the technology strategy. Deployment of new technologies and solutions such as Microsoft Windows Vista, enterprise applications such SAP or Oracle, or information storage and management systems will impact both IT and end-users. Managing both is a prerequisite for the successful deployment and adoption of new IT systems and services enterprise-wide. We are providing the framework to manage next generation IT environments with the launch of assyst 7.5.

“Within assyst 7.5 all change processes and even the most complex of workflows are created using our GUI which requires no scripting, coding, or development. It’s extremely user friendly and out-of-the-box. As with all the functionality in assyst, all customizations are maintained on upgrade keeping the transition between versions seamless, easy and cost effective. This keeps the TCO of our ITSM solution low compared to other offerings.”

In its commitment to best practices in ITSM, Axios Systems recently launched its Best Practice Division. The Division meets the growing demand from organizations around the world to improve their ITSM capabilities and undertakes consulting and training projects to drive the adoption of standards such as ISO/IEC 20000 and ITIL.

About Axios

Axios Systems is a leading provider of best-practice-based IT service management (ITSM) solutions. Our customer-centric approach, combined with our award-winning solutions, ensure customers worldwide can align their service and support organizations with the overall business goals. Our core solution, assyst, intuitively steers users through the ITIL processes. For more information, visit

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