Terracotta Switches to Open Source

Community gains non-disruptive clustering technology to scale Java applications

San Francisco, CA, December 4, 2006 -- Terracotta, Inc. today announced that the company is open sourcing its Java clustering product line to accelerate adoption by developers using open source frameworks. Terracotta provides drop-in clustering solutions that enable developers to achieve high availability without rewriting applications. Terracotta will provide open source products free of charge, while offering professional support under a commercial subscription. See http://www.terracotta.org for details.

Following in the footsteps of other successful runtime technologies such as AspectJ and Spring, “Terracotta seeks to deliver what we hope will become the embedded standard in clustering with our open-source offering,” said Ari Zilka, founder and CTO of Terracotta. “Most of Terracotta’s customers already use our technology in conjunction with open-source software and will now gain broader support to achieve enterprise-class performance on a fully open sourced stack.”

The company’s move to open source is backed by support from developers, partners and key OSS community members, including principal contributors to Spring, Tomcat and Geronimo.

In order to ensure a strong community voice for product direction and strategy, Terracotta has established a project steering committee consisting of influential members from the Java OSS community including Rod Johnson, CEO of Interface21, and Jim Jagielski, CTO of Covalent and founder, developer, and director of the Apache Software Foundation. Additionally, several key OSS community members have agreed to participate in the project including Adrian Colyer, Spring contributor and CTO of Interface21; Filip Hanik, Tomcat PMC Member and Tribes key contributor, and Jeff Genender, CTO and Chief Architect of Savoir Technologies and active committer for Apache Geronimo.

To support the growth of its open source project and community, Terracotta has built a comprehensive suite of tools and infrastructure services designed specifically for open source development. Developers can now download the clustering code from the online support area that also includes single sign on, build and test tools, samples, configuration files, and documentation. The online community is built on pure Java and clustered with Terracotta’s products. Licensing is under the Terracotta Public License (TPL), which is based on the popular Mozilla Public License (MPL), and allows for free production use and distribution.

Terracotta, Inc.

Terracotta, Inc. is an open source provider of clustering that brings high availability and scalability to Java applications. Terracotta puts control back into the hands of application developers and operators by delivering simple clustering functionality which translates directly to faster time to market, increased return on investment, and lower total cost of ownership. More information about the company is available at http://www.terracottatech.com


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