DYS Analytics Ships E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer for Outbound E-mail Policy Management

Software lets customers automatically enforce corporate e-mail policies, proactively manage outbound e-mail, and improve the efficiency of their e-mail infrastructure

Waltham, Mass., Jan. 22, 2007 -- DYS Analytics Inc. announced that it has shipped its E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer for IBM Notes and Domino to tighten control over outbound e-mail and improve the efficiency of corporate e-mail infrastructures.

Formerly codenamed E-mail Guardian, E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer delivers e-mail management features that provide high-quality e-mail service for all users while actively enforcing corporate policies. E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer can help firms manage e-mail hygiene by lessening so-called “occupational spam” while providing IT with automated features to track, report on and, when needed, quarantine e-mail that violates corporate policies.

DYS’ E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer continuously monitors messaging traffic in real-time and provides an e-mail policy compliance engine that:

  • Lowers e-mail infrastructure costs, reducing trouble-tickets and demand on servers, bandwidth and CPUs

  • Reduces the potential for e-mail confidentiality breaches and related legal costs

  • Prevents excessive consumption of valuable system resources

  • Shrinks amount of e-mail that needs to be archived

  • Enhances user productivity by limiting e-mail interruptions and inappropriate content

  • Provides extensive reporting and analysis capabilities to help IT proactively manage internal and outbound e-mail traffic

At one global biotechnology leader with nearly 5,000 employees, network traffic has grown alarmingly high, and IT is tasked with getting a grip over e-mail growth. The firm’s early deployment of DYS E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer lets the IT staff implement the rules and configurable workflow to ensure the best use of e-mail and resolve policy violations in order to speed the delivery of critical e-mail.

The firm’s IT staff in charge of collaboration frequently sees employees not making the best use of other productivity tools. IT staff encourages employees to freely use the many Lotus Notes and Domino applications to accelerate knowledge-sharing and foster corporate agility. Yet e-mail dialogues often take place that would be more appropriate if communicated via methods such as IBM Lotus Sametime, IBM Lotus QuickPlace or a Lotus Notes discussion database, rather than using e-mail as a sole communication medium -- particularly for large attachments.

DYS E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer lets the firm either immediately stop a specific misuse or gently suggest a better way to collaborate. The firm’s goal is to use DYS’ software to decrease IT costs while helping end users to be more productive because they don’t have to spend time managing their inboxes.

At another publicly held Midwest company, E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer is helping IT get a grip on e-mail traffic growth by actively managing outbound e-mail policy adherence. By deploying E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer, the firm gained the ability to implement reasonable e-mail use policies that reduce overall e-mail traffic, suggest better ways to leverage its resources, and create a more efficient and responsive e-mail environment.

About E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer

E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer is an extensible automated e-mail policy compliance platform that implements a configurable workflow process to resolve violations. A resolution can be as benign as a gentle alert that encourages user behavior modification, to being as severe as automatically quarantining the message and alerting compliance staff to the violation. DYS has seen instances where customers aggregate e-mail volume can be reduced by as much as 50 percent by enforcing e-mail policies that are already established. The configurability built into E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer is designed to meet the disparate e-mail policy needs of multiple constituents -- including IT, HR, security, legal, and corporate marketing.

Pricing and Availability

E-mail CONTROL! Enforcer for IBM Notes and Domino is available immediately as part of the E-mail CONTROL! Premium package and may be purchased directly from DYS. For pricing information please contact DYS at sales_inquiries@dysanalytics.com.

About DYS Analytics

DYS Analytics provides products and services that manage today’s top messaging platforms. DYS lets IT staff regain control of their Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes and Domino, IBM Lotus Sametime, and IBM Lotus Quickplace networks.

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