MicroWorld Unveils Futuristic e-mail Security with MailScan 5.0

Jan. 22, 2007 -- MicroWorld Technologies today launched MailScan 5 for Mail Servers, a comprehensive mail security solution at the mail gateway of organizations and business houses.

E-mail is a vital part of the present day business communication for enterprises of all segments and sizes. And it’s of paramount importance to safeguard the e-mail infrastructure from a multitude of threats like viruses, worms, Trojans, backdoors, spamming and phishing.

“With the new version of MailScan, we empower the kail administrator with some future defining technologies that can intelligently detect and block all kinds of malicious programs in mails, filter out spam with impeccable accuracy and enforce a comprehensive mail security policy for the entire organization,” said Govind Rammurthy, CEO ofMicroWorld Technologies, at the launch of MailScan 5.

MailScan works at the TCP/IP port level and hence does not require an additional machine to act as a gateway. It’s powered by the MicroWorld WinSock Layer (MWL) technology. Data packets coming at different TCP/IP ports are assembled at the MWL Layer and get scanned for malware before and after the mail server sends or receives messages.

With MailScan 5, MicroWorld is introducing a new technology in spam-fighting called NILP (non intrusive learning patterns). “NILP is an advanced spam-filtering method based on the principles of artificial intelligence, with the ability to analyze each e-mail according to the behavioral patterns of the user and take an informed decision there after. This system comes with an inbuilt capability to learn on its own and makes the most accurate decisions in weeding out spam,” Rammurthy explained.

Some key features of MailScan are a combination of other technologies used for multi-layered spam filtering, power to block image spam, TCP connections, LDAP authenticated administration, real-time anti-virus, advanced heuristics, attachment filtering, auto-generated spam whitelist, attachment and e-mail archiving, real-time content scanner, integrated mail security policies, customized disclaimers, and extensive reports.

About MicroWorld

MicroWorld Technologies (http://www.mwti.net) develops anti-virus and content security software eScan for Desktops and Servers. Its gateway-level e-mail security software, MailScan, is a comprehensive mail scanner for SMTP/POP3 mail servers. MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) is the technology underlying these products. For network security, MicroWorld offers a powerful, futuristic network firewall branded as eConceal. To learn more, visit http://www.mwti.net

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