JasperSoft Launches JasperETL

New open source ETL product extends JasperSoft’s open-source BI suite

San Francisco, Calif, Jan. 30, 2007 -- JasperSoft Corporation today announced the addition of JasperETL™, powered by Talend, a robust extract, transform, and load (ETL) product, to the JasperSoft business intelligence suite (JBIS). JasperETL adds significant data management capabilities to JBIS, which currently includes JasperServer, JasperAnalysis, JasperReports, and iReport. JasperETL will be available in Open Source and Professional editions, and was developed through a technology partnership with Talend.

JasperETL is targeted at the $13 billion global analytic and operational data integration market (Source: IDC Worldwide Data Integration Spending 2004 -2007 Forecast, January 2005) and helps integrate JasperSoft’s open source solutions with the mixed proprietary and open source database environments of its customers.

ETL is an essential tool that guarantees consistency and fluidity of information in increasingly diverse IT systems. At the center of the decision-making process, ETL allows organizations to move, cleanse, standardize, and transform data according to their business needs. JasperETL can be used for both analytic decision support system tasks such as updating data warehouses or marts, as well as for operational solutions such as data consolidation, duplication, synchronization, quality, migration, and change data capture. Performance tests indicate performance up to 50 percent faster than other leading commercial ETL tools.

Key components and features of JasperETL include:

  • Job Designer: Provides a graphical editor and functional view of the ETL process

  • Transformation Mapper: Provides a graphical editor and view of complex mappings and transformations

  • Real-time Debugging: Allows tracking of ETL statistics and traces throughout the whole transformation process in real-time

  • Business Modeler: Provides a nontechnical graphical view of the business information workflow

  • Over 30 Connectors: Allow output and input from and to many different data sources including flat files, XML files, all databases, pop, and FTP servers, among others

  • Wizards: Metadata configuration wizards to help configure heterogeneous data sources and complex file formats including positional, delimited, CSV, RegExp, XML, and LDIF data

Many organizations are already using both JasperSoft and Talend for their Business Intelligence solutions.


JasperETL Open Source edition is available immediately direct from JasperSoft or through a global network of partners. The Open Source edition is available for free download and use, subject to the GPL open source license, from the JasperForge.org community site. The Professional edition will be available in spring 2007, and includes a shared metadata repository that enables team development of data integration projects. Technical support and professional services are available for both editions.

About JasperSoft

JasperSoft is a leader in open source business intelligence (BI). More information is available at http://www.jaspersoft.com and http://www.jasperforge.org.

About Talend

Talend provides open source software tools for the ETL market. For more information, please visit http://www.talend.com.

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