KACE Releases Asset Management Module

Offers integrated IT asset management and systems management solution for mid-market companies

IT management solutions provider KACE today announced an update to its KBOX 1000 Series systems management appliances. New features include a new KBOX Asset Management Module and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0. The new module integrates inventory, asset, and configuration management.

IT must manage computer assets (both hardware and software) as well as non-computer assets (from mobile phones to PDAs). The KBOX Asset Management Module announced today tracks and manages such IT assets, from deployment to retirement.

The KACE Asset Management Module is embedded in KBOX 1000 Series Systems Management appliances and automates key processes, such as audit, tracking, and reconciliation of asset data. Additional features and benefits include license and usage metering and management (so IT can remain in compliance with vendor licensing policies), physical asset tracking and configuration management capabilities (to reduce the potential for loss of property and data), and a new notification and alert engine that triggers alerts based on configuration changes, license compliance, or milestone dates in agreements and contracts.

In addition to the Asset Management Module, the new KBOX 1000 Series appliances include support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0, a leading platform for open source computing. Customers using KBOX 1000 can now leverage the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 capabilities, which include new, fully integrated server and storage virtualization functionality.

More information on KACE is available at visit http://software.dell.com/kace/ or by calling 1-888-522-3638.

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James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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