Original Software Improves Manual Testing Efficiencies

Tool provides active support for manual testing in a non-intrusive way

Original Software today introduced TestDrive-Assist, a solution that provides active support for manual testing in a non-intrusive way. When manually testing Web-based, GUI, or legacy IBM iSeries green-screen applications, TestDrive-Assist guides the user through a list of the steps needed to properly and thoroughly test applications. The program monitors and records the user's progress and documents all test results.

The company says its product is a part of a “new class of test automation software [that] improves productivity in every testing situation.” It’s part of the company’s “Crawl, Walk, Run” solution strategy that, it claims, “is the only practical methodology to address 100 percent of testing needs.”

TestDrive-Assist supports manual testing in a non-intrusive way, Original says, without forcing testers to change the way they work. “Since TestDrive-Assist provides a full history of all of the test steps taken, it is much easier to recreate and isolate defects in software, thus speeding the time to resolution,” the company noted in a release. Documented test results can be used to satisfy audit and compliance requirements.

Because it requires minimal training, TestDrive-Assist is an suitable as an entry-level product for testers who may not yet need full automation but want to capture their work.

For more information, visit http://www.origsoft.com.

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James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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