Asigra Announces Extended Support for IBM Platforms with Backup/Recovery Software

Televaulting brings agentless remote backup solution to IBM iSeries-AS/400 environments

Asigra has announced that Televaulting, its agentless Remote Office Branch Office data protection solution, now supports IBM iSeries-AS/400 server environments, an industry first according to the company. Telvaulting also supports AIX and Linux environments, as well as hot backup of DB2 databases. Even more extensive IBM platform interoperability is planned, Asigra says.

Televaulting administers multi-site backup and recovery from a centralized remote site, eliminating the need for local onsite backup management, server reconfiguration, and extensive iSeries-AS/400 knowledge (the product runs on both Windows and Linux). It effectively reduced licensing costs, as well as the cost of maintaining individual local sites.

“The grid-based architecture of Televaulting software delivers the performance and capacity scaling to keep pace when iSeries-AS/400 sites grow their user base and storage capacity to provide assured data protection, regardless of the data load,” said Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra. “And strong encryption in flight and at rest guarantee the security that these businesses require.”

To ensure data privacy and meet compliance regulations, Televaulting keeps all data encrypted until the original client unencrypts the data for a restore. It also de-duplicates common files both locally and globally. For more information, go to

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