Idealstor Releases Removable Disk Backup System

Teralyte offers affordable disk backup targeted to small and mid-size enterprises

Idealstor announced the release of its Idealstor Teralyte, a backup and recovery system that uses removable hard drives instead of tape for offsite backup. The disk-to-disk backup solution is targeted at small to mid-size businesses.

The company says the product is in response to customer demand for “an affordable yet scalable alternative to tape backup.” In contrast to the Idealstor Backup Appliance (which comes installed with Windows 2003 Server), the new Teralyte simply attaches to a company’s existing server using a simple SATA connection, which helps keep the cost of the unit low.

Two models of Teralyte are available: The Teralyte 1000 ($1995) offers one removable drive bay that can handle any capacity/manufacturer Serial ATA disk. The Teralyte 2000 ($2995) offers two drive bays and backup capacities up to 1.5TB (this assumes two 750GB SATA drives).

By supporting non-proprietary SATA I or II hard drives, users can employ the largest disks available (the company says 750GB SATA disks average less than $300/disk and come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty).

Each Teralyte system comes with a rugged, removable disk caddy and protective storage box. Additional caddies and cases are available for purchase if a company wants to use them for rotating disks offsite.

The Idealstor Teralyte includes the company’s backup software, iBac 4.0, which lets administrators back up data in its native format.

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