Atlas Group Announces Firepipes Network Endpoints Control

Says access control granularity is ahead of others in the NAC market

Atlas Group today released its Firepipes™ network endpoints control. The product allows authenticated user secure access to specific network and application destination resources. The service watches wireless, remote access and LAN- or WAN-based network access across IP-based connections and terminates violations on on specific servers, applications, or protocols. Such firepiping thwarts several major security threats, including worms, trojans, user impersonation, and mass identify theft.

“Firepipe addresses the issue of the vaporizing network perimeter. It is a significant milestone on the road to a perimeterless secure environment that is simultaneously granular to the socket level and scaleable to manage thousands of endpoint devices and resources,” said Atlas Group chief technology officer John Sullivan, in a statement.

Firepipes works with existing network infrastructure and can manage hundreds of thousands of network security rules. The can be configured for clientless operation and can work with open source and proprietary clients.

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