MindBridge Launches Corporate Data-Monitoring Service

MindGuard released as software as a service; uses open-source software to locate sensitive data on workstations

Mindbridge Software today launched MindGuard™, a data-monitoring service that locates sensitive corporate data on network servers and end-user systems. The software-as-a-service release can be hosted either at Mindbridge or at the customer’s site.

MindGuard allows administrators to define the location of corporate data and if it accessible to employees who need to know. The service summarizes the results using an executive dashboard or report.

“The recent epidemic of laptops and hard drives gone missing has led to a tidal wave of security breaches,” says David Christian, CTO of Mindbridge. “Credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, patient information, financial and other records of hundreds of thousands of people have been lost or stolen. Millions of dollars have been paid in compensatory damages and on upgrading security systems, making these breaches not only embarrassing but costly for the companies where they’ve occurred.”

The MindGuard service uses open-source software components. Among its features:

  • The ability to query specific data types

  • Auto scheduling of searches and exception handling rules

  • Data archiving and restoration

  • File and data classification and usage logging

  • Executive dashboard views with drill down

The company said in a release that over the next year it plans to add several features to the service, including:

  • SOA/ESB component architecture to facilitate the integration of other infosec legacy and open-source applications into a common job scheduling and reporting framework

  • Real-time e-mail scanning

  • Relational database/ERP data scanning and inventory

For more information, visit http://www.mindbridge.com

About the Author

James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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