EventTracker Knowledge Base Hits Milestone

The event database has registered more than 30,000 users

The EventTracker Knowledge Base (KB) has passed the 30,000 mark in user registrations, Prism Microsystems Inc. announced last week.

Maintained since 2002 by EventTracker maker Prism Microsystems, the EventTracker KB (http://kb.eventlogmanager.com) is a "complimentary, searchable, vendor-neutral collection of cause-resolution information," according to a Prism Microsystems press release.

As of press time, the database contains information on 18,733 events -- currently the largest such collection on the Internet, boasts the Web site's FAQ -- culled from a variety of sources.

Events are searchable by event source, event ID, or by description fragments. The database provides an explanation for each event, troubleshooting tips, as well as helpful links to outside sources.

Registered users can also contribute their own knowledge about particular events, as well as ask the KB team to research an event that hasn't already been identified on the site.

"Our aim...is to make event log data readily understandable by all IT professionals for quick and efficient troubleshooting and to speed issue resolution time," said Steve Lafferty, vice president of marketing at Prism Microsystems, in the press release.

The EventTracker KB integrates with the EventTracker product, but EventTracker ownership is not required for KB access.

For more information, visit the EventTracker KB at http://kb.eventlogmanager.com.

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