TDWI Radio News: The Mid-Sized Market for BI and PM

As pricepoints drop and knowledge about business intelligence and performance management spreads, has the information management industry reached a tipping point? Find out what Microsoft, Business Objects, Hyperion, LogiXML and InSolve have to say.

Has the information management industry reached its tipping point? According to some sources, yes. Some say no. But who’s to say, really? TDWI put out a call to vendors large and small recently, to find out who says what about the state of business intelligence and performance management. Specifically, we wanted to know how the small to mid-sized business market will affect BI and PM; and whether or not folks think this industry has achieved a tipping point. This special series of podcasts was designed to offer lots of perspective on the impact of SMB (as it’s often called) on this growing trade.

Quotes from these interviews were used in this recent article, Tipping over: the new age of information for CXO Magazine.


Todd Rowe of Business Objects

Howard Dresner of Hyperion (now Oracle)

Bill Taylor of InSolve

Arman Eshraghi of LogiXML

Bill Baker and Alex Payne of Microsoft

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