Mirapoint's RazorGate Debuts With Embedded Policy Engine

The e-mail security product enforces policies without compromising network resources

Mirapoint announced this week the debut of its RazorGate e-mail security solution, featuring the Embedded Policy Engine.

The Embedded Policy Engine rejects unwanted e-mails and enforces e-mail policies without having to query corporate directories, or otherwise rely on other IT resources, the company said.

Other e-mail security products are required to query the corporate directory after each individual e-mail to determine the validity of each recipient. Consequently, IT administrators have to leave their corporate directories accessible through the firewall. The result, Mirapoint argues, is an increase in security holes and an unnecessary strain on the netwok.

To solve this problem, RazorGate "validates recipients autonomously at the edge of the network for each message," the company said in a press release. Administrators can load e-mail addresses and policies from multiple LDAP servers onto RazorGate, which then automatically accepts or rejects e-mails without having to query the corporate directory server.

"Mirapoint's RazorGate with Embedded Policy Engine...eliminates the need for firewall holes to the directory," said Director of Product Management Kurt Christofferson in the press release. "The Embedded Policy Engine provides enterprises with centralized management and enforcement of e-mail policies while completely insulating their firewall, network, and corporate servers."

RazorGate with Embedded Policy Engine starts at $5,250. For more information, visit http://www.mirapoint.com.

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