Threat-Investigation Product Intellinx Version 3 Released

The latest version features new capabilities to manage and organize investigations

Intellinx Ltd. announced at the ABA Information Security Forum on Tuesday the release of Intellinx version 3, an agent-less, multi-platform threat-investigation product that now features case management capabilities.

Intellinx was designed to detect "internal fraud and information leakage" by recording and analyzing suspected users' network activities, comparing these activities with those of other users, generating patterns based on this data, and then sending an alert when exceptional events occur. The tool can also recreate passwords and screens, and identify business transactions.

The case management function in version 3 now lets administrators have a firmer grasp on the structure of their investigation, using workload balancing and alerts prioritization. The feature also alerts administrators if any case is not resolved within an appropriate timeframe, and notifies them if investigative tasks need to be reassigned due to illnesses or absences.

Intellinx keeps a record of any user's activities -- as well as any related information, such as notes and alerts -- for future review, which can help companies ensure they comply with government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

The system integrates with in-house or third-party investigation products, so users can use either part or all of Intellinx's capabilities.

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