Shadow Studio Gains IAM, DB2 Support

A new dynamic-to-static SQL facility gives a static SQL experience to DB2 users

DataDirect Technologies on Wednesday announced the addition of new development tools and connectivity features to its Shadow Studio development environment.

Shadow Studio now includes support for the Innovation Access Method (IAM) database, which the company promises will give users using IAM file storage better access to the Shadow mainframe integration suite.

"While others offer point-to-point data access, DataDirect Shadow gives software architects and application developers a strategic alternative for mainframe integration," said John Goodson, DataDirect Technologies' vice president of product operations, in a released statement.

In addition to IAM support, Shadow Studio now features a "dynamic-to-static SQL facility," according to a company press release. This new feature gives static SQL benefits, such as less wasted resources and faster performance, to DB2 users. In fact, according to the company, a study by the DataDirect lab suggested that the dynamic-to-static SQL feature can improve performance by as much as 70 percent.

"With the new dynamic-to-static SQL facility of Shadow Studio, developers now have a graphical environment from which to evaluate SQL performance requirements as well as a non-invasive conversion tool to change dynamic SQL to higher-performing static SQL for improved access to DB2 mainframe data from ODBC and JDBC distributed applications," he company wrote in the press release.

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