Gear6 Announces New CACHEfx Appliance Line

The line of caching appliances promises faster response times

Gear6 today introduced the CACHEfx appliance line, which the company called the world's first line of terabyte-scale caching appliances.

CACHEfx appliances work with a company's existing infrastructure, storage software, and file systems. These centralized storage solutions create faster response times, protect against I/O bottlenecks, and serve data as much as 50 times faster than mechanical disks, according to a company press release.

The CACHEfx appliances support "250,000 I/O operations per second, 16Gbps of throughput, sub-millisecond response time, and scale linearly to handle millions of IOPS," the company said.

"Our CACHEfx appliances seamlessly augment broadly deployed NFS-based storage, quickly delivering both performance and cost-saving benefits to our customers," said Tom Shea, Gear6 president and CEO, in the press release.

The CACHEfx line is now available, with prices starting at $400,000. Gear6 is currently offering free acceleration analyses to interested users. Visit for more information.

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