Network Instruments Debuts Mobile Forensics Tool

The GigaStor Portable uses retrospective analysis to quickly identify network problems

Network Instruments' GigaStor Portable appliance, a "self-contained, mobile forensics system" that pinpoints and troubleshoots network problems, debuted on Tuesday, according to a Network Instruments statement.

The GigaStor Portable can save up to weeks' worth of packet-level data from any remote site. Using its "time-based navigation" capabilities, it can then sort through the data to pinpoint specific incidents, and also provide views of what happened before, during, and after those incidents.

The result, Network Instruments said, is less time wasted trying to reconstruct an error in order to find a solution. Instead, the GigaStor Portble lets administrators simply "rewind" to the initial problem.

The GigaStor Portable also features Security Forensics, which identifies security breaches by comparing recorded traffic against the patterns of known security attacks. The Security Forensics feature records the time and place of every breach it identifies.

"GigaStor Portable is a simple plug-and-play solution that includes the cabling and nTAP you'll need to install the appliance on any network and start recording traffic," said Douglas Smith, Network Instruments' president and co-founder, in the statement.

Pricing for the GigaStor Portable starts at $26,995. The unit includes cabling, keyboard, trackpad, a 15-inch display, Windows XP Pro x64, and 1.5TB of storage. For more information, visit

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