RedSeal Updates Security Risk Manager

Version 2.0 improves identification of security exposure, enhances reporting and performance

RedSeal Systems Inc. today released version 2.0 of RedSeal Security Risk Manager (SRM), which 0 provides IT network and security professionals with improved visibility into the threats that expose company resources. SRM supports additional third-party network devices and boosts performance. In addition, the RedSeal Threat Reference Library has expanded to over 24,000 known security vulnerabilities, which the company claims is the largest resource of its kind in the industry.

RedSeal SRM v2.0 automates threat and risk management. It provides network mapping, can audit routers and firewalls, identify and prioritize threats, and report on risks and compliance. Is uses a combination of networking topology and access policies, along with security and vulnerability data, to prioritize which vulnerabilities should be fixed first (based on the business value of the affected resources).

The program Maps automatically audits your network infrastructure and compiles a comprehensive map of these resources and their relationships, highlights which assets are exposed and assigns each a risk value, and prioritizes vulnerabilities that to be fixed first.

Features new to RedSeal SRM v2.0 include:

  • Putting the RedSeal Threat Reference Library to work, RedSeal SRM can match new known threats with network devices, helping IT predict exposure levels

  • A new reporting infrastructure lets users immediately view the most important threats

  • Threat analysis is now 200 percent faster

  • New views and folders let users organize and categorize devices and hosts into separate views for reporting; users can organize assets into compliance groups (such as PCI and SOX servers)

  • An improved home page offers an overview of the current “security risk posture” RedSeal’s SRM v2.0 is available now. End-user pricing for a product license starts at $10,000; monthly subscriptions are priced starting at $1,000/month

A free trial is available (registration required) at

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