ETI Announces Data Integration Platform for Global Deployment

Helps users create, deploy, and maintain high-performance data integration interfaces

Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc. (ETI) today released ETI Solution Version 6. The development platform helps users create, deploy, and maintain high-performance data integration interfaces. ETI Solution V6 sports several data-integration enhancements in areas such as data access, international data integration, integration competency centers, project specification automation, and advanced data quality.

ETI Solution generates code; there is no hardware component, so deployment cost is low, according to a company release. The program generates royalty-free integration code, and because the data is not replicated or staged, security exposure is minimized.

Additional enhancements in the ETI Solution V6 portfolio include:

  • ETI Solution-generated code can perform ETL (extract, transform, and load) operations on multibyte data, including data from multiple sources, even data in different Japanese character encodings.

  • ETI iSpec client automates creating and documenting project specification documents. Developers can define complex ETL processes using a visual design interface,

  • %he ETI Integration Center 2.0 (iCenter) portal provides on-demand access, creation, delivery and support of ETI Built-to-Order (BTO) data interfaces. In a statement, the company said the ETI BTO interfaces “provide high performance data movement and complex transformation capabilities according to individual customer needs including multi-step processing, conditional logic, data lookup, string manipulation, conversion capabilities, data profiling and data cleansing¯all built into the BTO connector. Each ETI BTO connector is compiled in the iCenter, which functions as the customer’s Integration Competency Center.”

  • Improved master data management (MDM)

  • Issue tracking to improve developer productivity

  • Data change and impact analysis (CDC)

  • New and/or better support for Java/File System, Java/XML, COBOL/File System, COBOL/DB2, C/Oracle and C/XML as well as support for Windows Vista.

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