Samsung UMPC Line To Use AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensors

The Q1 Ultra line will use AuthenTec's AES1610 sensors to protect against data theft

Samsung has joined Fujitsu, Motion Computing, and other ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) makers in adopting AuthenTec's AES1610 fingerprint sensor for its line of Q1 Ultra computers.

The companies announced that Samsung's Q1 Ultra line will be the first Samsung product to use AuthenTec's AES1610 slide sensor.

"Because mobile devices, such as notebook computers and UMPCs are easily lost or stolen, the integration of AuthenTec's fingerpring sensor is a valuable upgrade to our newest UMPC offering," said Samsung Product Planning Manager J.H. Kim. "Even our most mobile customers can rest assured that their device, including any sensitive data or personal information, is fully secure with just the quick and convenient swipe of a finger."

The AuthenTec AES1610 -- touted by the company as the "world's smallest" slide sensor for PCs -- stores information on a "sensor flash," not on the ROM, which lets users keep their data in different, secure locations.

Through what the company calls "the power of touch," users can access the Q1 Ultra's other functions and applications with one swipe across the AES1610, much like a regular touchpad on a laptop.

The AES1610 also features a battery-saving power device, AuthenTec's "TrueFinger" anti-spoofing technology, and a coating that can survive more than 10 million rubs, according to the company's Web site.

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