Tripwire Enterprise 7 Ensures Continuous Data Center Compliance

Assesses configurations, detects changes for policy compliance of IT infrastructure

Tripwire today released Tripwire Enterprise 7, providing IT data centers with continuous operational, regulatory, and security compliance monitoring. Tripwire Enterprise 7 assesses configurations to establish a a known, trusted, and compliant state. By combining an assessment of IT configurations and reporting changes, an enterprise can proactively assess enterprise risk and achieve secure and compliant IT operations.

Tripwire cites a Gartner report that notes “the risks associated with unauthorized configuration changes include downtime because of system failure, the introduction of security vulnerabilities and insider security threats.” That’s corroborated by research from the IT Process Institute, which found that “unauthorized change introduces unnecessary risk and is a root cause of unplanned work, the foundation of IT inefficiency.”

Continuous Compliance for the Data Center

Tripwire Enterprise is designed to enforce IT policies, processes, and standards so that IT is always in compliance. It helps IT monitor changes to its environment and answer two key questions: Is a given configuration change authorized and is it compliant?

Tripwire Enterprise 7 builds in thousands of configuration assessments for operational, regulatory, and security policy compliance, according to the company. The product can perform an initial scan of the environment and evaluate its current state and measure it against industry benchmarks. Organizations can then identify risks and weaknesses.

Once an organization establishes its “known and trusted” state, Tripwire can be used to maintain it by detecting and assessing all configuration changes, including those in in virtual environments. Tripwire Enterprise 7 can leverage “industry benchmarks and standards to enable out-of-the-box policy testing for compliance requirements such as PCI, SOX, COBIT, CIS, and many other data center specific policy and process assessments,” the company said in a release.

Tripwire Enterprise 7, Tripwire integrates with BMC Atrium 2.0 CMDB, HP Universal CMDB and CA CMDB to ensure “ongoing accuracy and integrity of the data within the CMDB.”

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