TDWI Radio News: SOA, Cognos Style

We keep hearing about SOA, but what does it mean, really?

Industry pundits, consultants and vendors keep talking the SOA talk, but what does it take to walk the SOA walk? Cognos SOA guru Godfrey Lee says there are some very specific tenets to keep in mind when setting sail on the high seas of service orientation. Tune into this TDWI Radio News interview to learn about the service oriented architecture, including insights about:

  • which principles Cognos says are critical
  • what defines a service, and what kinds of services are in use
  • the difference between coarse- and fine-grained services
  • the new challenges that arise as an SOA matures
  • why SOA is more of a declaration than a program

Sample quote:

“It’s not a predefined stack or a framework that you buy and use.”

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