Varonis Improves Search, Scalability in Data Governance Software

Upgrade adds advanced search capabilities, enhances scalability, offers more built-in reports and auditing features

Varonis Systems Inc.introduced DatAdvantage 3.0 today. The software-based system automates user data-access control by recommending access privileges based on business need. The upgrade adds advanced search capabilities, enhances scalability, and offers more built-in reports and auditing features.

“Most organizations can’t easily identify ownership, lineage, and usage patterns of their critical data,” said Ted Friedman, research vice president at Gartner Inc., according to a Varonis statement “Answers to questions like these need to be on hand for every audit and for ongoing data governance activities. These are very difficult questions to answer, both in the structured data world, but also for less-structured information. Companies know they must control the rightful use of data of all types, and seek approaches that offer greater visibility and control.”

Key enhancements in version 3.0 include:

  • Advanced search: DatAdvantage lets users audit user-to-data access activity with increased granularity, allowing IT operations to conduct a data-access analysis by applying multiple filters about data file information by action taken, time of day, or IP address.

  • Scalability: Varonis collects and analyzes “vast amounts of access event information unobtrusively from file servers” using probes, the company said. The data is forwarded to the Varonis analytics server; version 3 triples the number of file servers that provide the source for access event data.

  • New reports: New reports detail user access, sensitive folder access, inactive data sets and inactive users, and dashboards display statistics about every file server’s data utilization in graphs and tables. New reports track network administrators’ activities. Some of the management and security tasks reported on include:

The company says that “DatAdvantage gives organizations total visibility and control over their unstructured data, ensuring only the right users have access to the right data at all times.” Furthermore, it recommends data permissions based on automated analysis of user-access patterns and behavior; the recommendations can be implemented at the administrator’s discretion.

Pricing and Availability

DatAdvantage version 3.0 is available through the company’s channel partners. Pricing varies by number of data users; beginning at $25,000 fr up to 250 users. The upgraded version 3.0 is available to current DatAdvantage customers at no additional cost.

More information is available at

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