One-Click SQL Server Services Restart Released by SQL Farms

Feature added to SQL Farm Combine 1.8

SQL Farms, Inc. has upgraded SQL Farm Combine 1.8 with the ability to restart SQL Server services on all network machines with one mouse click. The feature assists network and database administrators (DBAs) to manage automated SQL patches and multi-server configuration changes.

By controlling SQL services on all network computers, IT can eliminate logging in to individual machines and restarting services. Database managers can easily enable automated patches and select which servers to restart using a single client interface without using remote agents or installations. Configuration changes can be pushed to all servers at once from the same interface, and services can be restarted to update configurations.

"With the recent advancement in SQL Server patches, the ability to stop or start SQL services throughout the network allows DBAs to handle and monitor their servers much more effectively after patch-Tuesday and other automatic updates," said Thomas Goff, founder and CTO at SQL Farms, in a statement. "DBAs can now manage, push changes, configurations, and pull status or monitoring data from multiple servers and easily manage even the largest server farms".

More information is available by writing to or visiting SQL Farms’ Web site:

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