MojoPac Enterprise Suite Enables Secure Distributed Computing Three Ways

Digital workspace eliminates endpoint data leakage; cuts desktop deployment, support, and maintenance costs

RingCube Technologies Inc. today released MojoPac Enterprise Suite for stopping data leaks while providing employees with a secure, productive computing environment. The product allows IT managers to capture business applications and settings in the form of a secure, centrally managed image that employees can then use in distributed computing environments.

“Doing business on non-company-owned IT devices, at its simplest, means performing tasks and potentially storing information on a device that is neither controlled by the company nor confined to its boundaries”, according to John Girard, vice president and distinguished analyst for Gartner, in a RingCube release. “Enterprise IT planners have the opportunity to consider alternate scenarios that minimize risk, including managed virtual sessions where data and processes can be isolated.”

MojoPac Enterprise Suite provides employees with a managed, corporate desktop that IT can distribute and control from a single location, eliminating most endpoint data leaks. The suite also reduces employee desktop support costs and complexities.

“By separating the digital workspace from the physical computer hardware it runs on, MojoPac Enterprise Suite provides tremendous security and operational benefits,” said Shan Appajodu, RingCube’s co-founder and CEO. The image can be security downloaded by employees and stored on a USB storage device or on a secure network. If that system should fail, users can begin work using another Windows PC, thus reducing costly downtime.

MojoPac Enterprise Suite: Three Solutions

The MojoPac Enterprise Suite includes three new product lines: the MojoStation Series, MojoDrive Series, and MojoNet Series. All three turn the digital workspace into a compressed, encrypted digital image.

  • MojoStation Series lets IT managers build secure, optimized digital MojoPac image that employees can download to their desktops from a secure corporate Web site, complete with support for corporate security policies (to forbid copying sensitive information to any storage device, for example). MojoStation is encrypted and isolated from the host computer, so all work and data remains secure. MojoStation can be disabled remotely if necessary (to disable access by former employees, for example).

  • MojoDrive Series offer a portable enterprise MojoPac that business IT staff build and load onto a USB storage device. When a user clicks on this image, they turn their Windows PC into a “secure, managed digital workspace, complete with support for all corporate security policies.”

  • MojoNet Series lets enterprise IT managers configure a secure MojoPac image that employees can download through a secure corporate network. When the employee exits MojoNet, the digital workspace is synchronized with version stored at the corporate data center and removed from the host PC. MojoNet is well suited for branch offices and distributed workforces.

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