Lieberman Account Password Console Adds Vista Support

Company says version 4.5 of the password resetting product is the first such tool to become Vista-certified

The latest version of Lieberman Software's Account Password Console now has the distinction of being the first password-resetting product certified for Windows Vista, the company said on Monday. Previous versions of the product supported Windows Server 2008 and 2003, as well as Windows XP, 2000 and NT.

The Account Password Console lets users unlock their computers and reset their passwords after their old ones have expired. Answering a set of "previously established verification questions" -- which have been assigned by the administrator -- confirms users' identities and gives them permission to unlock their computers and modify their passwords. Specific users can also be given the ability to reset their passwords via a Web site.

The result of such a password resetting system, according to the company, is a decrease in calls to help desk personnel, as well as an increase in productivity for users, who would no longer have to wait for assistance to unlock their accounts.

"Previously, someone locked out of a system had to go to another machine or call the help desk to unlock the account," said Chris Stoneff, Lieberman product manager, in a press release. "Now that Account Reset Console lets users unlock their own accounts, there's less of a burden on IT to perform this task."

In addition to freeing up the IT staff as well as users, the Account Password Console can also help businesses ensure compliance with regulatory standards; the product keeps a record of all password changes, and locks old, unused accounts.

The Account Reset Console starts at $6 for each user (100 users minimum). For more information, as well as a free trial version, visit

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