TDWI Radio News: Visual i|o Opens New Doors

Visualize this: data visualization software is changing the game.

Mash it up! That’s the mantra these days in the increasingly interesting data visualization space. New technologies, and novel ways of harnessing not-so-new technologies, are combining to create a new paradigm for exploring complex data sets. That’s the word from several data viz players, including Visual i|o, a Massachusetts-based software vendor.

Tune into this TDWI Radio News interview to hear the company’s CEO, Angela Shen-Hsieh, extol the virtues of modern data visualization software. You’ll learn:

  • how Visual i|o addresses the “fire hose” of data
  • the role of Flash technology in data visualization
  • the kinds of data sources that connect to this tool
  • how XML enables data integration
  • what’s up with Visual i|o’s partnership with Cognos

(NB: Interview recorded earlier this summer.)

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