Updated Email CONTROL! Enforcer Detects Credit Card Data, Unethical E-mail

Proactive monitoring improves automated policy enforcement

Permessa Corporation has released of a new version of its Email CONTROL! Enforcer software for managing message content. New features for proactive monitoring and control of enterprise messages improves automation of policy enforcement and make it easier for IT to reduce employee misuse, create "ethical” e-mail firewalls to meet compliance regulations, and avoid confidentiality breaches (such as revealing credit card account information).

Email CONTROL! Enforcer continuously monitors messaging traffic for e-mail policy compliance purposes and works using predefined business processing rules that are applied to outbound and inbound messages. Messages are checked for content violations, and based on the rule, an appropriate warning may be sent. For example, the company says IT can use "passive mode” to accustom employees to the new system and as a way to define the rules that best suit the organization. When users send policy-violating e-mail, they receive a passive "warning” about the rule they have broken, but their message is delivered. When the system is set to "enforcement mode,” the sender receives a "warning” message (for minor violations) or the message can be "quarantined” and the sender must take action. When the violation is severe, the message is rejected outright.

In industries where communication between two parties is restricted by law (as between traders and brokers in the financial sector), an "ethical” firewall policy can be established to stop communication based on user names, mail groups, and domain names. E-mail sent between such groups can be quarantined or rejected and IT managers can be notified.

"The tremendous risks of unmonitored messaging are no longer unique to the financial services industry or other sectors with mandatory regulatory requirements,” said Stefan Mehlhorn, CEO of Permessa. "This enhanced version of Email CONTROL! Enforcer for IBM Lotus Domino gives IT even more proactive e-mail control within and beyond a corporate network. It helps IT folks responsible for corporate messaging at any type of organization more readily demonstrate and enforce compliance to internal e-mail policy and protects the corporate communication infrastructure.”

The enhanced detection of credit card and national identifier numbers refines the product's ability to prevent “the unintentional dissemination of financial card information via electronic mail,” the company says. Message body and subject lines are inspected for credit, debit, or charge card account numbers as well as Social Security numbers. It uses proximity matching to reduce the potential for false positives.

Also in this version are expanded reports that show how quickly users release or discard their quarantined messages. This helps IT administrator tailor feedback notification messages or refine policies based on end-user behavior.

More information is available at http://www.permessa.com.

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