Updated FastScale Composer Suite Improves Server Software Management

New features address scalability, usability in large enterprise deployments

FastScale Technology, Inc.released a new version of its flagship product, FastScale Composer Suite, which automates building, deploying, and managing server software.

The company says ease of use was a primary design goal, and system administrators can completely automate “the labor-intensive, error-prone task of building and streamlining server software environments.” FastScale claims that software environments average 99% smaller than traditional software images, are built on-demand, and are deployed to bare-metal servers in less than one minute. The product combines flexible, rules-based mapping and automatic patch and configuration management, eliminating golden images (and the need to build and manage them).

“With FastScale Composer Suite everything is completely automated. The full software stack is built, streamlined, and provisioned in seconds,” said Steve Zoppi, managing partner of Collabri Group, LLC, in a prepared statement. “Whether bringing a large number of new servers online or managing peak loads through rapid server re-purposing, the FastScale technology is an exceptional solution.”

Features in the new release include:

  • Scalability of Web-based user interface, including AJAX technology. System administrators will see a more responsive and interactive UI and can use a new folder management system and drop-down menus to view and manage machines and software environments.

  • Extensive, scriptable command line interface. Users can build scripts to perform workflows and integrate with existing processes.

  • Improved reports: Pre-formatted reports are provided for common system admin functions.

  • Better hardware discovery: The product automatically captures granular information about any new server added to the network, providing administrators with precise hardware driver mapping. Pricing starts at $30,000. For more information, visit http://www.fastscale.com.

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