DataCore Supports Running Its Solutions as "Virtual Servers"

Storage virtualization solution can run on a variety of server virtualization platforms

DataCore Software announced today that it now supports running its SAN management and storage virtualization solutions as "virtual servers."

The solutions will be able to run on a variety of server virtualization platforms, including those from Microsoft, VMware, and XenSource, the company said. Benefits include "savings through consolidation" and better collaboration opportunities between DataCore and server virtualization platforms.

"Certainly, the biggest anchor on the virtualization of enterprise infrastructures has been the physical configurations and complex mapping schemes of storage subsystems and network topologies," said Ziya Aral, DataCore's chairman and CTO, in a company press release. "It is here that the uniqueness of the DataCore solution becomes readily apparent. With DataCore, the storage server is of the same genus as the applications it serves."

According to Aral, there's a "symbolic significance" in releasing DataCore products as virtual servers.

"It underscores what has been a dominant reality for over half a dozen years -- that storage servers are today identical to all other servers in that they exist primarily as storage applications running on ever more standard hardware," Aral said.

DataCore's offering includes disaster recovery, "continuous data protection" and automated storage management, and works with most storage hardware.

Pricing begins at $1,000 for a SANmelody iSCI storage server (3TB). For more information, go to

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