DataCore Brings Thin Provisioning to VMware Machines

Company is offering a free 30-day trial of the solution on its Web site

DataCore announced today that its thin provisioning solution is now able to run on VMware machines. A 30-day, "free to try" version is currently available on the company's Web site for download.

According to DataCore, thin provisioning solutions from other vendors are usually sold only with those companies' storage hardware components, which are often very expensive and can make it difficult for companies to try thin provisioning and reap its benefits.

DataCore's solution, by contrast, requires no hardware and can work with a wide variety of storage devices and brands. Pricing for the DataCore solution starts at a relatively cheap $1,000.

"Our thin provisioning software is not locked to the hardware. It runs on any standard, Windows server. It doesn't require the purchase of big arrays or expensive hardware," said DataCore President and CEO George Teixeira in a statement. "This makes trying thin provisioning easy on users. Installation, whether on a server or on a VM, takes just a few minutes."

Being hardware-independent also opened the door to the free, 30-day trial offer, he added. "We thought, 'Since we are the only ones who can let everyone try this energy-saving technology, it's something we ought to do,'" Teixeira said.

DataCore's thin provisioning product starts at $1,000. Go to for more information, and to download the 30-day trial at no cost.

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