Binary Research Releases Vista-Compatible Universal Imaging Utility

Simplifies system rollouts, eases systems management issues, ensures machines get correct drivers

Binary Research International has released Big Bang LLC's Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) 3.5, providing compatibility with the Business and Enterprise versions of Microsoft's Vista OS. UIU simplifies system rollouts, migrations, deployments, disaster recovery, and updates.

UIU 3.5 prepares a Master Image for deployment to any desktop, laptop, and tablet PC in the enterprise and supports Microsoft's volume licensing, including multiple activation key and key activation service, as well as the traditional volume activation 1.0 (VA 1.0) for Windows XP.

"The Universal Imaging Utility saves time and money, simplifying administrative tasks that can take hours and days of time away from mission-critical activities," said Jim Szopinski, executive vice president at Binary Research. "With the UIU's extensive, up-to-date device driver database, a single disk Image can be rolled out to a heterogeneous group of machines, ensuring that each one gets the correct drivers for the disparate devices present. UIU is a wise addition to any organization's systems management strategy."

UIU was introduced in 2004 by Big Bang LLC and distributed by Binary Research International (BRI) to help IT departments reduce the time spent maintaining, upgrading, cloning, and deploying their systems. The program works with Windows hard drive cloning and data back-up software solutions, including Symantec Ghost, Altiris Migration Suite, Novell ZENworks, and Acronis True Image

Licensing for the UIU 3.5 is per-seat based on the number of computers receiving an image prepared with the UIU, beginning at $20.14 for up to 199 computers and as low as $9.66 for 5,000 or more licenses.

More information and a free trial are available at http:

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