TITAN Archive Released

Data archiving solution stores data in its "authentic format" for the length of its retention period

NEON Enterprise Software Inc. today released its TITAN Archive solution for DB2 on z/OS. The company expects to release versions for IMS and Oracle by the end of this year.

The TITAN Archive is a data archiving product is designed to store structured data -- including invoices and other financial records -- for the entirety of its retention period, "no matter how long [and] in its authentic format," according to a company press release.

Companies looking to ensure their compliance to regulatory standards and cut down on electronic discovery costs will benefit from the product's indexing feature, which lets users easily search through and retrieve data, the company said.

Other features include a "discard policy" that removes data once its retention period passes.

"Businesses are now faced with a series of challenges regarding how and where to effectively store their structured corporate data, data that must remain in its authentic form and can be easily found if needed for business and legal purposes," said NEON Software CEO Don Pate in a statement. "TITAN Archive provides a cost-effective solution to the challenges companies are facing today."

For more information, go to http://www.neonesoft.com.

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