Blueprint Requirements Center 2008 Released

Requirements lifecycle acceleration platform for enterprise deployment

Blueprint has released Blueprint Requirements Center 2008, a platform that delivers requirements definition and visualization throughout an organization.

Distributed teams and global, strategic sourcing put pressure on an organization to ensure clear requirements definition and agreement when developing applications. "Blueprint understands that IT operates on a global stage," said David W. Nyland, Blueprint's president and chief executive officer, in a company statement. "When working with distributed enterprise teams, collaboration around requirements definition becomes a critical factor to ensure project success. Blueprint is delivering a solution that ensures complete understanding of business needs by all key parts of the organization associated with project delivery."

The release of Blueprint Requirements Center 2008 offers what the company says is the first platform for enterprise-wide requirements lifecycle acceleration. It enables user teams -- even those separated geographically -- to seamlessly collaborate on business requirements, define requirements assets, perform requirements simulations, and update assets directly into application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions.

As part of this release, Blueprint Requirements Center 2008 functionality includes:

  • Users can access files from a central Blueprint Definition Server, which includes version control, configuration management, and baseline publishing

  • The Blueprint Change Management module enables user teams to consolidate work-threads into a single baseline. Project managers can control the requirements process by accepting or rejecting changes to application definition blueprints

  • New integration with HP Quality Center 9.2 for requirements management and test case generation

  • The user experience now offers enhanced flexibility for opening and leveraging multiple requirements definition models simultaneously; a new graphical editor lets users build complex use-case models

The company says Blueprint Requirements Center 2008 is a role-based suite; editions include a suite designed for the business analyst, the application developer, and the quality-assurance tester. All three are available now. Existing Blueprint customers can upgrade to Blueprint Requirements Center 2008 as part of their maintenance agreement.

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