MEGA International Introduces Enterprise Architecture Modeling Tools

Business process analysis and enterprise architecture modeling tools help companies better understand assets, control operations, govern risks

MEGA International today introduced new business process analysis (BPA) and enterprise architecture (EA) modeling tools that help companies "better understand assets, control operations, and govern risks," according to the company.

The MEGA Modeling Suite 2007 promotes dynamic, Web-based intelligent reporting to provide strategic BPA and EA information while including features that protect sensitive data. Included in the suite is a new product, MEGA Advisor, plus new information-sharing, reporting, and confidentiality features, including

  • Dynamically-generated, multi-dimensional analysis reporting on topics such as SOA and application architecture

  • Confidentiality management tools to control access to information based on viewers' roles %%SOA integration for end-to-end management of SOA %%A document generation wizard %% Improved diagram editing

The company says it is offering new interfaces between its suite and IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID), Software AG CentraSite, and Systar BusinessBridge

According to Lucio di Risi, president and CEO of MEGA International, “Companies must analyze and plan their business so they can anticipate changes and trends in their markets, efficiently manage growth, and reduce unknowns, delays, and unnecessary costs. Our modeling tools provide unprecedented visibility into company information and operations to enable smart business decisions.”

The new MEGA Advisor permits on-demand access to EA repositories via a Web portal.

The MEGA Modeling Suite is available now and is priced starting at $3250 per user for individual modules. MEGA Advisor is available immediately, with prices starting at $10,000 for up to 50 users. More information is available at

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