Serena Software Offers Free Mashup Composer

Beta available now lets business people solve business problems without coding

Serena Software's new Serena Mashup Composer lets business people create mashups using a point-and-click interface, freeing application development resources for more complex tasks.

“For the last decade businesses, have struggled to realize the incredible potential of IT because of limited IT resources and the need for effective governance. Today Serena is enabling a new generation of power users to innovate in IT through the creation of Business Mashups, satisfying the everyday needs of the business, while ensuring IT standards are upheld,” said Jeremy Burton, president and CEO of Serena Software.

Burton says that the "Facebook generation" entering the workforce brings with it a Web 2.0 mentality "that believes in innovation without permission. Serena is providing an effective way to harness that innovation and use it to drive productivity over the next decade.” Serena is also providing an online marketplace where users can buy and sell their mashups, called Serena Mashup Exchange.

The product's drag-and-drop environment enables users to create process-based mashups that can take advantage of SOA and Web services without writing code. Users can automate common business processes, such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance management processes or approval of sales discounts, the company explains. You can also connect services, such as a quote process in Salesforce with a manufacturing process in SAP .

The software also lets users collect and route information across various devices, such as Web browsers, BlackBerrys, and iPhones.

Serena’s Business Mashup offering delivers on the promise of SOA by making it possible for business developers to take advantage of SOA infrastructure in an efficient, secure way. “Unfortunately, SOA has proven to be more bark than bite,” said René Bonvanie, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, partner programs and online services at Serena, in a statement. “With Serena’s new Business Mashup solution, mashers have the tools to easily create and safely deploy SOA-based applications.”

Serena is offering a free test drive of Serena Mashup Composer that doesn't require downloading or installing any software. The test drive is available at

Serena Mashup Composer will be generally available in late 2007 at zero cost. Serena Mashup Server will be generally available for on-site installation or as a software service later this year; pricing has not bee announced. The Mashup Exchange will open to the public early next year.

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