EventTracker Update Improves Log Analysis, Speed Report Generation

Improves scalability for large, geographically dispersed enterprises

Prism Microsystems has released EventTracker 6.0, the latest version of the company’s enterprise event management solution that enables “logging in depth” for complete compliance, security, and network visibility. Version 6.0 includes significant architectural and performance enhancements, more powerful analysis features, and an enhanced reports console with audit-friendly workflows.

A key feature of the upgrade is its “Collection Point” architecture, which enables scaling so geographically dispersed enterprises can collect and report on logs generated at all locations. EventTracker can locally monitor and analyze critical systems and offer an enterprisewide view of trends for compliance.

Steve Lafferty, VP of marketing at Prism Microsystems Inc. noted that “Not only does it collect and analyze log data in real-time from all sources within an organization, it also provides insight into all corners of a global enterprise == critical in today’s highly regulated environment.”

Among Version 6.0’s other improvements:

  • Extended device support EventTracker is certified for Windows Vista and supports XML and 2003.evt event formats; it is also OPSEC certified and integrated with Checkpoint products

  • Enhanced analysis engine: It is now easier to filter log data; filters can be applied using over 500 pre-defined rules, regular expressions, or simple queries

  • Integrated compliance workflows: The redesigned reporting console helps establish audit-trails to demonstrate compliance; IT staff can review automatically generated reports and provide tamper-proof sign-off

  • Faster report generation and improved performance: A new feature estimates report generation time and result size prior to generation

  • New preconfigured reports: New reports join over 1000 pre-existing templates A complete list of version 6.0 features and pricing information is available at http://www.eventlogmanager.com

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