RenewData Service Reduces Liability of Backup Tape Data

Backup Tape Liability Management Services helps enterprises minimize costs, risks of storing backup tapes

RenewData today announced its Backup Tape Liability Management Service that lets corporations identify, de-duplicate, and possibly reduce data on stored backup tapes.

The service uses a secure process to evaluate a backup tape’s content and so an organization can remove a tape from storage if it no longer contains data that must be retained for legal, regulatory, or retention management purposes. Backup tapes tapes not meeting the criteria can be destroyed using a defensible process if needed. These processes help corporations reduce the potential liability from large inventories of backup tapes in addition to reducing storage costs.

The reports from the new service may be used to address Rules 26(a)(1) and 26(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. These rules require description of electronically stored information be sent to the other party involved and that both parties “meet-and-confer” to discuss issues related to the discovery of electronically stored information, according to RenewData.

“The growth in backup tape inventories continues to impact corporations’ storage and maintenance costs. Oftentimes, companies are unaware of the content contained within their backup tapes, resulting in an unknown liability risk," said Vivian Tero, senior research analyst, compliance infrastructure, at IDC. "RenewData's Backup Tape Liability Management Service addresses a need for organizations to gain more visibility regarding their tape content, as well as systematically reduce their inventory of historical backup tapes. With the information garnered from this solution, customers can facilitate more targeted identification and collection strategies, support their arguments for multi-phased discovery, and reduce their storage and maintenance costs.”

RenewData’s says its “legal expertise, secure facility, and forensically sound chain-of-custody procedures” ensure appropriate data handling that will avoid questions during litigation. Furthermore, the company’s e-discovery experts are available to testify in court regarding the processes and technology used during the Backup Tape Liability Management Service. The company says they can also “assist with 26(f) ‘meet and confer’ discussions.” The experts can properly handle and restore outdated media formats and backup software.

“Many of our corporate clients are seeking ways to mitigate the liability inherent with storing thousands or even tens of thousands of backup tapes, and they need to ensure any historical data that can be deleted is safely destroyed, while preserved data remains accessible to discovery requests,” said Ellery Buchanan, CEO of RenewData. “Our Backup Tape Liability Management Service allows corporations to dramatically reduce the costs of retaining data, while potentially diminishing the scope and exposure of litigation holds. In addition, having this process carried out by RenewData experts greatly minimizes later allegations of spoliation or non-compliance.”

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