Abaca Releases Anti-Spam Solution for Small to Medium Businesses

Email Protection Gateway can eliminate up to 99 percent of all spam, company says

Abaca today announced that its new anti-spam solution, the Abaca Email Protection Gateway, is now available through the company, with channel availability scheduled for some time later this year.

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the Abaca Email Protection Gateway promises to block 99 percent of all spam "with less than one false positive in 20,000 e-mails," the company said in a press release. Besides blocking spam, Abaca says the new product can also help protect against phishing attacks and viruses.

The Abaca Email Protection Gateway isolates spam messages from legitimate e-mails using its ReceiverNet technology, which determines the risk of an e-mail based on the reputation of its receiver: If its recipient typically receives a large amount of spam, then ReceiverNet assumes that the e-mail is more likely to be spam.

Because the product is self-updating, it requires very little maintenance. And because it constantly tracks the spam statistics of each user in the network, it is more accurate than solutions that use whitelists and blacklists, which can become outdated.

The Email Protection Gateway also features "customizable quarantine reports" and integration with Microsoft Outlook. It can support up to 100 users for $1,495 or 1,000 users for $3,495.

Abaca is also offering a virtual counterpart to the Email Protection Gateway. The Virtual Email Protection Gateway can support up to 1,500 users and starts at $495.

"Abaca's approach to spam filtering is novel, simple and highly effective," said Abaca's founder and CEO Steve Kirsch in a statement. "We are first to market with a disruptive new technology that virtually eliminates spam -- and we are offering it a price point that is extremely competitive for small to medium businesses."

For more information, including additional licensing and support fees, visit http://www.abaca.com.

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