OpenDQ: First Open-Source Data Quality Solution for Structured and Unstructured Data

Solution handles structured and unstructured data, offers comprehensive data extraction, transformation, and loading capabilities

Infosolve Technologies introduced OpenDQ V2.0. The open-source, data quality integrated solution addresses structured and unstructured data quality in a single solution. It also addresses data quality and data extraction, transformation and loading of structured and unstructured data into a single completely integrated solution.

Free text data, Word documents, e-mail messages, and spreadsheets contains valuable data that enterprises often to not incorporate into their data warehouse. Infosolve says this is because marketplace solutions focus on data integration and data quality management of structured data, but structured data comprises only one-fifth of all organizational data. Instant messages, blogs, and text messages contain important data which, if ignored, deepens the void in decision making, according to the company.

OpenDQ V2.0 provides data integration and data quality management features that address all types enterprise data. “Organizations should be making their strategic business decisions with a full understanding of their data, with OpenDQ V2.0, organizations have a highly efficient, data quality and data integration solution that improves decision making and increases an organization’s competitive advantage” said Subbu Manchiraju, vice president at Infosolve Technologies

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