Special Operations Software Releases Specops Command

New group-policy extension solution extends Windows PowerShell scripting to enterprise desktops and servers in the network

Special Operations Software has released its new Group Policy extension, Specops Command, which combines Group Policy and PowerShell into a single solution that provides the scripting capabilities of Windows PowerShell to each computer on the network.

“Windows PowerShell is a wonderful new technology that makes it possible to use scripts to do almost anything on a machine. Group Policy is another great technology that makes it possible to perform lots of changes to many machines at any time. We said ‘Why not combine the two?’ which is what we did,” said Robert Lundh, CEO of Special Operations Software. Lundh says the company added new functionality to the product, including instant feedback, reporting, and scheduling.

With this release of Specops Command, users can:

  • Execute scripts according to an interval set by Group Policy (every 90 minutes, at startup, login, etc.)

  • Decide when and how often a script executes

  • Point and click to the script to execute

  • Use undo scripts, which is useful when scripts (Group Policy) fall out of scope

  • Learn what happened, why, and when thanks for instant reporting and script execution feedback

  • Automatically deploy Windows PowerShell and automatically manage and deploy PowerShell Cmdlets

More information is available at http://www.specopssoft.com.

About the Author

James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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